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Your business is growing and so are your telecommunications needs. Whenever you need a new phone line, local phone company simply tells you 'no pairs are available'. ConnecTel provides virtually unlimited number of 'pairs' at your location which grow as your business grows. You need 30 lines or any multiple of 30 lines, we connect you in no time.

With ConnecTel's Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service, we provide an all-in-one customized voice solution that will help you manage growth more effectively. Using our state-of-the-art fiber and next generation network, our PRI service provides 30 simultaneous two-way connectivity channels between your Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). By consolidating your traffic and reducing the total number of trunks and interface cards required, you'll achieve the cost reduction you need to remain competitive. Meanwhile, your customers will receive the consistent connections they count on, and you'll have the flexibility to customize your PRI service to suit your changing needs.

ConnecTel provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) facility through PRIs. This means that last four digits of your seven digit allocated phone number, i.e., 3253 xxxx, could be programmed as extensions on your PABX. So if your local extension is 1111, ConnecTel's PRI would program your DID as 3253 1111. Callers from outside your office would dial 3253 1111 to reach straight to your desk whereas internal office callers can call you by dialing your local extension as 1111. This eliminates the need of having separate numbering plans for your PABX extensions and your phone numbers.

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ConnecTel PRI Advantages
 Key Factors  ConnecTel PRI Services
 Installation Time  72 hours for existing ConnecTel customers. 10 days for new ConnecTel customers (subject to technical feasibility).
 Installation Procedure  Hassle free installation procedure. Complete installation support by ConnecTel experts.
 Installation Cost  30-40% economical as compare to other PRI providers.
 Operational costs  No additional charges for 30 DID numbers Competitive local, nationwide, and international call tariff. No hidden charges associated with PRI services.
 Hardware Warranty  1 year complete hardware warranty with alternate hardware availability.
 Infrastructure  Fiber infrastructure for high reliability and availability.
 Reliability & Support  Reliable solution with 24*7 customer support.
 Satisfied Clientele  ConnecTel services bundled with client satisfaction. ConnecTel clientele includes Banks, Multinationals, Call centers, Large public sector organizations, and embassies etc.

Here are a few characteristics of ConnecTel PRI services
 Offers crystal clear voice communication for your business
 Intelligent Call handling and management features.
 Flexible DID numbers availability, with reserve capacity for future.
 Compatible with wide range of PBX systems.
 24*7 customer care with online tracking of the user queries.
 Cost effective solution, with real time online billing information.

 PRI Line Rent  *Rs. 1, 500/Month
 *21% GST/CED on all charges applicable as per Government rules.

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