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Reliable and high-speed Internet access is not a luxury anymore; it has become a necessity like any other utility services such as electricity, water, etc. Our Fiber-To-The-User (FTTU) network brings you astonishingly fast Internet access and makes data communication fast, reliable and convenient. Use of Fiber as data / voice medium gives speed as fast as the speed of light, i.e., 300,000 km per second.

OptiNet Internet over Fiber Optic
OptiNet delivers real broadband Internet service over ConnecTel's High Speed Carrier Class FTTU(x) Network. Our purpose built carrier class FTTU network provides protection and security to our customers' network traffic, enabling them to manage and mitigate business threatening risks. Our network infrastructure is laid on strong foundations, having security, resilience, redundancy as its base ingredients. We have strongly focused on backup and failover arrangements on every layer of our network.

Aero-Net Internet over wireless link
We use Wireless broadband technology that combines carrier-grade toughness with exceptional performance, security, ease-of-use and scalability. We offer wireless connectivity options where fiber connection is either not available or not feasible. We have done numerous successful complete wireless and hybrid projects in the past and have professional expertise in the technology.


  • Ring Connectivity: The reliability of your link can be enhanced to provide an extremely resilient networking solution by deploying multiple last mile links to create a ring network to the customer's premises.
  • Guaranteed service levels (SLA): We provide our customers with guaranteed service levels that are often not achievable by most of the service providers and we strive to achieve them with a professional approach.
  • Global Partnerships: ConnecTel's global partnerships with companies like Transworld, Cybernet, World Call and Mobilink give us the capability to provide clear channel bandwidth for global communication networks, dedicated point-to-point global solutions, geographically dispersed infrastructure throughout the world, International private leased circuits and burstable IP solutions.
  • Freedom to focus: We assist customers in making their businesses stronger. Our services and solutions enable them to concentrate their energies and resources where they bring maximum return - in running their business - and not in running after their internet connections.

Flexible fiber and wireless options
Reliable network Connectivity
24/7 onsite/remote technical assistance
Free DNS hosting
Free email relaying (SMTP)
On demand bandwidth enhancement
Blazing fast Internet speed
Redundant gigabit Backbone
Scalability and flexibility to upgrade
Free email routing (MX Route)
Clear channel IP bandwidth
On demand QoS implementation

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UAN : (042) 111-700-007 or (042) 35171070-71
Fax : (042) 3520 1929
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