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Case Study 1: Interconnecting Bank Branches and ATMs

A multinational bank operating in Pakistan approached ConnecTel with the requirement to connect as many as 12 branches and ATMs spread across the city. After conducting the detailed survey of the sites, the company came up with an optimal network plan which was instantly accepted by the client. ConnecTel used its fiber optic network spread across the city to connect all the branches and ATMs. The project was completed successfully within the deadline. ConnecTel is also involved in the monitoring and maintenance of the project.

Case Study 2: Interconnecting Corporate Offices

One of the most famous business groups dealing in consumer products in Pakistan, approached ConnecTel with a problem that needed unique solution. The client wished to connect two of their corporate offices, 14 KM apart in Lahore. ConnecTel, after conducting a detail client survey, provided the client with Fiber optic connectivity between their offices through our redundant fiber optic ring. This connectivity provided the client with much needed speed and reliability that was required for critical inter office communication. ConnecTel not only connected the corporate offices of the client but also provided the company with 2MB bandwidth. The client is satisfied with the services and plans to connect further offices through ConnecTel's network.

Case Study 3: Interconnecting Govt. Hospitals

ConnecTel connected multiple units of a Govt. Hospital through wireless setup,. The reason for choosing wireless connectivity in this case was that one of the hospital was located in the far flung area of Raiwind where there was no access of cable network. ConnecTel likes to give customized services to its clients and dares to go to places where others are hesitant to provide services. In addition ConnecTel also redesigned the hospital's Local Area Network infrastructure.