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ConnecTel's Data Communication services are delivered over our Carrier Class, High Speed, Multi Gigabit FTTU (Fiber to the user) and high speed Wireless Broadband Network.

Based on features and applications, ConnecTel's data services are categorized in following four categories.

The E-LAN service provides a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) between two or more sites over Layer 2 or Layer 3 which are in the same city. E-LAN connects your corporate LAN to other sites which creates your own private network and enables you to connect computers and servers at LAN speed as if you are in the same office.

City Connect is an Ethernet link used to connect offices in different cities. When incorporating other Ethernet services at each end, this service provides a private point-to-point solution, ensuring quality communications between your locations and enabling you to work faster within a secure environment.

Dark Fiber LINK (DFL)
DFL provides the flexibility and security of dark fiber for connecting your own equipment and also the ability to build your own private communication network. Customers receive a dedicated purpose built point-to-point fiber circuit for their exclusive use. With DFL, you have the freedom to use bandwidth up to 10Gb/s and get a dedicated core of fiber optic which guarantees maximum security.

Point-Connect Wireless Communication
ConnecTel's Point-Connect is based on multi vendor and latest wireless technologies. Our high-performance wireless solutions operate in multiple frequencies, providing reliable connectivity when and where you need it. We design optimum solution according to the customer's requirement and feasibility. We provide diverse wireless solutions including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, MESH and hybrid solutions.

Features and Benefits of Data Connectivity Services:
Quick and easy to connect
Wire-speed data transfer
24/7 technical assistance
Future investment protection
Consistently reliable connectivity
Maximum data security
Cost effective and adaptable solutions
Increased operational efficiency

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Fax : (042) 3520 1929
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