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Metro Last Mile
ConnecTel's Metro Last Mile provides a high speed, carrier class, FTTU network connecting business partners and users to the service providers such as ISPs, ASPs and Telcos etc.

How Service Providers can benefit from this service?
After establishing a relationship with ConnecTel, all you need is to get your customers connected to ConnecTel's network and we will establish a transparent layer 2 virtual private LAN circuit between your customer and your core network. Service providers are free to manage the routing and IP addressing topology on their own and deliver their sophisticated network services to their customers without the hassle of facing tough challenges of the Last Mile Access Network.

The beauty of ConnecTel's technology lies in its universal adaptability i.e. "Ethernet", our customers can connect their router or firewall directly into our Media converter. No need for any proprietary hardware or software to benefit from this revolutionary service.

Metro Last Mile is available in almost every populated area of Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan and Karachi. We are also continuously expanding our footprint, so please visit our website (www.connectel.com.pk) for the updated list of coverage areas.

You can easily upgrade from 1 Mbps to 25Mbps to 100Mbps or 1000Mbps - usually this can be done remotely with zero downtime.

We offer two options for connectivity

Standard Last mile
It's our standard service offering, the Last Mile to the customer premises is transported over a single fiber optic cable, customers who can tolerate accidental or emergency downtimes ranging from 4-6 hours normally can comfortably use this service.

Ring Connectivity
ConnecTel provides you flexible and secure networking solutions. This can be enhanced to provide an extremely resilient networking solution by deploying multiple last mile links to create a ring network to the customer's premises. Our intelligently designed auto-failover mechanism takes less than 30 seconds to shift your traffic to the backup link if there is any problem in the first one. This service is essential for users who cannot afford anything less than 99.9%.

Quick and easy to connect
Consistently reliable network connectivity
24/7 technical assistance
Redundant fiber last mile option
Ultra-high Speed
Redundant gigabit Backbone
Scalability & flexibility to upgrade
Option for wireless backup

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Fax : (042) 3520 1929
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