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ConnecTel Virtual PABX exchange provides a reliable solution that enables 24*7 connectivity of the organization for all its communication needs. Virtual PABX provides productive and innovative IP-PBX features catering to needs of small to large organizations.

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Virtual PABX Exchange Comparison

ConnecTel PRI Advantages
 Conventional PABX  ConnecTel Virtual PABX
 1. Fixed solutions without any customization options as per business needs.  Customized solution for one person company to large organizations. Best suited for effective internal and external communication.
 2. High Setup costs with limited lines and call capacity.  Hosted at ConnecTel Data center. No need to install any telephony hardware. Use existing network infrastructure for telephony needs. Reduced TOC (total cost of ownership) by maintaining single network for both voice and data services.
 3. Limited availability of phone lines & numbers.  Sequential phone numbers for office with additional allocated numbers for future use.
 4. Requires regular maintenance and up gradation costs.  Automatic exchange upgrades; dedicated technical team to manage customer exchange at ConnecTel data center.
 5. Lacks effective inside and outside communication.  Efficient call management and handling to increase inbound and outbound communication effectiveness
 6. Requires additional hardware to support IVR, auto attendant and voice mail features.  Enhanced IVR and auto attendant features to handle inbound calls effectively.
 7. Limited support for customer care/support departments.  Customizable for the department needs. Excellent solution for call centers and support departments with efficient call management and routing mechanism.
 8. Limited accessibility. Accessible from within the office. No options for the commuters staff.  Voice mail accessibility from anywhere around the world through Internet.
 9. Standalone system with no software integration options.  API availability to connect with MS outlook softwares.
 10. Call charges for local and international calls.  Free calls between offices connected with the ConnecTel Virtual PABX. Cost effective ConnecTel call charges for local, nationwide, and international calls.
 11. Provides limited control and difficult for administration.  User friendly web based management interfaces. Easy to manage and control from anywhere in the world.
 12. Only copper infrastructure availability in the city, that is old, not reliable and poor in quality.  Uses reliable, self healing, high availability fiber optic infrastructure of ConnecTel.

ConnecTel Virtual PABX Advantages
 Quick Setup with minimum capital costs
 Minimum Maintenance Overheads - Reliable Solution
 Scalable Solution with Unlimited Call Support
 Corporate Outlook for the Company
 Effective Call Management Features
 Get Connected with all Existing & Potential Customers
 24*7 Connectivity with Contacts
 Call Center Feature Capable
 Real time Call Monitoring and Reporting
 Virtual Office Features
 Wireless LAN Mobiles Connectivity
 Economic & Reliable Telephony System

 Description  Package 1  Package 2
 Number of Lines  1 - 8 9 or more
 Monthly Charges
 Per Line  Rs. 100  Rs. 30 per additional Line
 One time Set up Cost  Rs. 1,000  Rs. 2,500
 17% GST is applicable on all charges Line = Trunk + Extension, e.g., if there are 2 Trunks and 6 Extensions, total lines would be 8.

Virtual PABX Exchange service will be available to selected clients as per following specifications: (Trial period tenure: 2 months)
 Potential customers will be signed up for provision of service during trial period
 Service trial period will commence, with affect from the date of service sign up
 No Set up Cost for the potential customers
 Corporate Outlook for the Company
 No recurring charges applicable on trunks(lines) & PBX extensions
 Customers need to pay call charges (outgoing) as per applicable ConnecTel tariff
 During Trial period, required hardware (Ethernet Switches/ATA\s) will be provided by ConnecTel.
 The hardware charges will be paid by customers, once they will decide to acquire Virtual PABX solution.

Virtual PABX Service Features
 Feature  Options  Description
 Direct Inward Dialing (DID)  Ring Group DID is a feature which provides a facility to dial directly to an extension from PSTN/PLMN without entering IVR. One or multiple DIDs can be assigned to each of the options mentioned.
 Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
 Call queue/Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
 Conference room
 Ring Groups  No restriction on the number of extensions  Ring-group is a group of extensions on which incoming calls can be directed. All the member extensions ring at the same time and anyone can answer to the call.
 One extension can be a part of several ring groups
 Conference room Recording*  A conference room is enhanced version of 3-way calling. The difference is that everyone has to call into the conference room and there is virtually no limit to the number of attendants.
 Pin Protection
 Talker Detection
 IVR Tree  Tree view  This provides a visual view to the customer about the logic call routing of the Interactive Voice response (IVR) menu OR the auto attendant menu.
 Call Queue/ACD  Music on Hold (MoH)  A basic call center, without having dynamic agents or reporting. For a complete call center solution, refer to "Virtual PABX Call Center"
 Ring Strategies (Ring all, Round robin etc)
 Queue Greetings
 Queue status announcements
 Voicemail  Two Weeks Archive  Call to a busy/unattended extension can be forwarded automatically to voicemail.
 Per extension voicemail
 Voicemail Group
 End user Features  Call Parking  These features are applicable to each extension.
 Call Pickup
 Last Caller
 Call Filters & Blocking
 Do Not Disturb
 Call Forwarding
 Follow Me
 Group Hunt
 Trunk-lines  Outbound  Number of lines/simultaneous calls to PSTN/PLMN
 Monitoring  Status of Extensions (Active/off-line)  Active extension and calls can be monitored by an administrator. He/she also have a feature to listen to these calls to maintain a quality check.
 Active calls
 Listen to active calls
 Reports  Rated CDRs  All call records including billing information for each extension can be viewed. If call recording feature is enabled, you can also download recording for a particular call. Furthermore a CSV file can also be downloaded for use of customized reporting.
   Listen to recorded calls*
   Convert to Comma Separated Version (CSV)
   Advance searching
 System  Upload IVR sound files  A web-portal from where customer can upload IVR/MoH files of his own choice.
 Upload Music on Hold MP3 sound files
 *Recording archive is maintained for 2-Weeks

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